A New Day is Dawning

The Rising World Foundation

Dedicated to helping create a transformation of art, music and literature for tomorrow’s leaders: The kids of today.

A 501-c(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to a renaissance in art, music and literature.

We are ready for those who realize the importance of our mission and can contribute to its growth.

We are creating a platform to benefit and heal and to elevate the lives of our Children.

We accept tax-deductible donations and patronage to help us finance our work.


Musical Kaleidoscope

Building an important educational, healing, and inspirational platform to benefit the upcoming generations around the world, focusing on the great contributions of enlightened musicians and composers from all ages and cultures.

Magical Visionary Arts

Representing over forty years of research and education into the combined effects of music, light, color and imagery, we are pioneering new inroads toward a cultural renaissance in our world today. 


The Library

The library contains a continually expanding, invaluable resource for learning and understanding some of the world’s important cultural achievements. 

The Evolution of Music and Art

This continually evolving series of videos from Don and Mary Ellen presents important turning points in the evolution of music and art. If you follow us, we will let you know when new videos are released.


We have all of the articles written by Don Robertson over a sixty-year period. These articles are currently in the process of being edited and prepared for publication in the Articles Section.

How You Can Help

You can become a part of the cultural reawakening by helping the younger generations understand and appreciate the beauty and importance of great art and music.

If you feel that you can contribute time and talent to our work at Rising World Foundation please contact us (below). There is much to do.

Also, if we can help you reach your goals, please let us know.