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World 1 - Popular and Folk Traditions of the USA

Since 2017, the Rising World foundation has completed over 1,000 videos. Over 260 of them are shows, each averaging 1 hour in length. The following are 8 example shows from our “World 1” section. So far, we have created 63 shows for World One.

Popular Music

Back to the Early Fifties

California Dreamin' - The Sixties

Folk, Country, and Western Music

Bluegrass America!

The Nashville Sound and Beyond

Jazz Music & Rhythm and Blues Music

The Swing Era

The Electric Blues Guitar Story

Gospel Music

Deep Mississippi Gospel

Dinner on the Ground

World 2 - Europe and “South of the Border”

The following are 6 example shows from our “World 2” section. So far, we have created 28 shows for World Two.

Folk and Popular Music of Europe

The World of French Chanson

A Taste of Eastern Europe

The Folk Music of France

Folk and Popular Music “South of the Border”

“South of the Border”

A Taste of the Andes

World 3 - Africa and Asia

Following are 4 example videos from our “World 3” section. So far, we have created 10 shows for World Three.

The Traditional Music of Africa and the Middle East

A Taste of Africa

A Taste of the Middle East

The Traditional Music of the Far East

A Taste of China

A Taste of the Far East

World 4 - Classical Music of Europe & India

The following are 6 example shows from our “World 4” section. So far, we have created 160 shows for World Four.

The Classical Music of Europe

"Adagio for Strings"

A Taste of the Romantic Era

A Taste of Romantic Russia

A Taste of French Impressionism

The Classical Music of North India

Ragas Morning, Noon and Night

Raga Yaman

Popular Music that Spans the Oceans

The following are two example videos from our “Around the World” section.

Dust in the Wind

21st-Century Acoustic Popular Music

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