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Other Projects

These are projects (in one phase or another) that we are currently developing or are awaiting funding. 

Projects in Development

The Evolution of Music and Art Video Series

A Video Series by Don Robertson & Mary Ellen Bickford

This series of videos from Don and Mary Ellen presents important turning points in the evolution of music and art. It is currently in the process of development.

The Hymn Project

Presenting Christian Hymns from Gregorian Chant to Today

Our study of Christian hymnology begins with the old hymns sung in Gregorian chant. With the advent of Martin Luther, an new tradition of congregational hymn singing began, many of the earlier hymns based on the Gregorian hymns. From Germany, we move to Great Britain and the English hymn composers, then on to the USA, where we include the Amish and Mennonite traditions still prevalant today.

The Raga Project

Learning Important Ragas in North Indian Classical Music

The Raga Project helps students in the West to become intimately familiar with important ragas by listening to examples from many of the great singers and musicians of the North India tradition.

Projects Pending Funding

Musical Kaleidoscope Content Videos

Shows, Documentaries, Scores and Classes

The heart of Musical Kaleidoscope is our educational and entertaining video content, with over 1,000 videos already completed. View examples.

The Record Album Project

Creating a Finalized Library of Important Record/CD Albums

In 2007, we hired a fulltime employee to digitize our huge collection of record albums. Covers were photographed. The albums need final preparation to become available on the large digital platform that we would like to develop.

Rising World Books and Scores

Musical Kaleidoscope Books, Scores, and Book Reprints

We have been preparing books in spiral, hard-bound and PDF format for over ten years. Click on “Books” for more information and some examples.

The Kids X-Press

Business Plan for a Media Adventure (2017 needs an update)

A Kids-Eye-View of How to Make the World a Better Place.
Quest is a multi-faceted three-year project where the kids (with help from coaches) will produce a concert series, a TV mini-series, Internet classes and ancillary products (i.e., T-shirts, music, tools for the future, and so much more). 

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Musical Kaleidoscope content is encompassed in four “worlds”

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Shows, classes, documentaries, scores, and books

Content Examples

Examples of shows, classes, documentaries, and scores

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